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Here is a list of my most popular posts this month.

Does Time Exist?    (twice as many hits as any other)

Quantum Weirdness – Part 2  Double Slit Weirdness

 Quantum Weirdness –  Part 1   Photons in Thick Glass

Thought Experiment – Photons at radio frequencies

Virtual Particles – A new look at double slit weirdness

Quantum Weirdness – Part 3  Polorized Light Weirdness

What’s Up with Gravity?

Fun with time travel

Quantum Weirdness –  Part 4 Photons That Hit Tilted Glass

Quantum Weirdness – Part 5  Entangled Particles

Black Holes and Density

Random Thoughts About Relativity 

Speed of light regulated

(last reshuffled on January 6, 2008)

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2 responses to “Top Posts This Month

  1. We are a small research company in Munich, Germany. Our Web site proves convincingly that the Photoelectric effect and Compton effect can be explained in terms of classical physics. No one at the Max Planck Institut here, nor indeed elsewhere has been able to disprove our arguments.
    Light is always a wave and never a particle.

  2. Hugh S. Parker

    Good stuff.

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